Gratitude List #Elf4Health

27 Dec

Today’s challenge is to write 20 things you are grateful for. Here’s my list:

1. Last night my family had dinner for my moms birthday. All 4 of us. My brother is 100 days off drugs, and my dad had a beer with him (another issue for another day).

2. My new job, which shows me flexibility, grants me creativity, and has tons of faith in me.

3. My health… Even if I’m struggling with feelings of anxiety… Overall, I am well and I will continue to be.

4. The Uncle

5. Besther. My best friend since high school. My confidant. The person who knows me better than anyone in this world.

6. My yoga practice which I have cultivated over the last year.

7. My books, and someday will call them my library.

8. The most wonderful man I’ve ever dated.

9. Garlic

10. Chocolate

11. Cherries

12. Nature walks

13. Purple flowers

14. Suntans and sunshine

15. Beaches

16. Breakfast food

17. Romantic comedies

18. The Dave Matthews Band

19. Summer concerts

20. Old friends


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